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In order to serve carbon reduced coffee, and to conduct transactions on, there is a membership requirement. Upon joining, you will receive username and login, together with a 10-year membership. The membership will assign a license to your nominated address of business. The membership will license your location to serve our formula blend organic air roasted coffee. The coffee can be self branded with your brand, or you can buy a coffee from one of our brand selections.  Your license will include use of our unique IP Magnetized Earth Water attached to the espresso machine. A water process unique to our coffee program, applying quantum energy to deliver a full body coffee flavor.  You will be emailed a licensing agreement for your record. Upon receipt of the non-refundable license you will become a carbon reduced coffee location, and advertise to customers your contribution to lower carbons and 1% for the planet.

Serving carbon reduced coffee, you will be integrating elements of your business, to align with your organizations corporate goal of carbon reduction. Becoming part of a worldwide planetary movement toward the reductions of carbon emissions by making a conscious choice of the coffee roasting method in use at your business. The coffee industry uses “back burners”, and back burning in the coffee drum roasting process. Back burning is eliminated 100% all together, with our air roasting coffee process roasting organic coffee on fluid bed air.

Note: The reduced license fee of $500.00  is a partial license only, for the permissions to serve our proprietary formula blend of carbon reduced coffee  at one only specified place of business. A full coffee program license will be required for use of Magnetized Earth Water and Coffee equipment. The license balance of $2000,00 is only payable upon up grade at a time your place of business  has determined to use our nominated coffee program equipment.

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